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Presence Candle

Presence Candle

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Introducing Presence, a candle by Rayo Luxe that weaves a tapestry of warmth and spice, infusing your space with the cozy embrace of Orange, Vanilla, and Ginger. More than a fragrance, Presence is an invitation to experience a symphony of scents that evoke comfort, captivate the senses, and create an ambiance of inviting warmth.

Fragrance Notes:

Orange: At the heart of Presence lies the lively and uplifting essence of Orange. Imagine the sweet and zesty aroma of freshly peeled oranges, radiating a burst of citrus sunshine. Let the scent of Orange envelop your space, imparting a sense of vibrancy and joy.

Vanilla: Adding an element of sweetness and richness is the classic fragrance of Vanilla. Luxuriously smooth and comforting, Vanilla introduces a layer of indulgence to the composition. Picture the gentle and sweet embrace of Vanilla, creating an atmosphere of pure relaxation.

Ginger: Completing this aromatic trio is the invigorating note of Ginger. Spicy, yet soothing, Ginger adds a hint of warmth and depth to the fragrance. Envision the subtle spice of Ginger, creating a sense of comfort and balance in your surroundings.

The Experience:

Presence is more than a candle; it's an immersive experience of warmth and spice. As the flame dances, it releases a harmonious blend of Orange, Vanilla, and Ginger, transforming your space into a haven of cozy tranquility. Let every moment with Presence be a celebration of warmth, inviting you to unwind and find solace.

Key Features:

Exquisite Craftsmanship:
Presence  is meticulously crafted from 100% natural soy wax, ensuring a clean, eco-friendly burn that aligns with our commitment to sustainability. Each candle is a work of art, radiating an aura of refined taste.

Extended Pleasure:
Immerse yourself in the luxury of time. Presence boasts an extended burn time, allowing you to savor the indulgent fragrance for up to 50 hours. Experience the allure of opulence with every moment.

Sustainable Beauty:
Encased in a simple clear vessel with a wooden lid. Reuse this vessel as a glass jar, pencil holder or a new home for your plants!

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