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  • I LOVE Anthropologie candles but this just took first place in my heart (and living room). The wooden wick, the scent...PERFECT! - Alexa

  • This candle not only smells amazing but the double sensory effect you get from the smell and the sound of the wick is amazing. I feel very relaxed and warm when this candle is burning. I 10/10 recommend getting this. - Bolu

  • The scent fills the room and lasts for hours. Hearing wooden wick crackle is very satisfying and comforting. - Priscilla

  • I gifted this to a close friend who has big desires for some personal changes this year and this was the perfect gift for her. It added meaning as she goes through this season of life and prays about the future AND the scent is her new favorite! - Latisha

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Long Lasting

Our candles are made to fill the room without the ovewhelming harsh fumes from some store bought brands. This ensures that you can enjoy long lasting fragrance.. that you can breathe in!

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We take great pride in ensuring that our fragrance blends are certified clean by some of the worlds leading toxicologists! Free of phthalates, be rest assured that our candles are safe for you and the enviroment! All our candles are made using locally sources 100% pure natural soy wax.

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Daily Inspo!

We thoughfully selected the names of our candles to give you that daily inspiration that is needed! We hope they remind you that you have the power to overcome anything that's brought your way.

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So what's the catch?

Our intention is joy. Pure joy!