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The Structure Bundle

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Bubble Candle Color

Get all structural candles in one bundle! Create something special by placing them together or uniquely apart!

Explore the different fragrances for your bundle! However, please note that only the bubble Candle may be colored!

The bundle Includes:

1 Hephzibah Candle

1 The Brook Candle (Bubble Candle)

1 The Rain Candle

1 Pillar Candle

Safety information

Place your bubble on a surface that can collect any melted wax. Saucers, Bowls, Ceramic/Glass trays work just fine!

Never leave a lit bubble unattended.

The first burn is the most important. This will dictate the burn time and quality of the burn thereafter. Blow out the flame once a 1.5inch melt pool forms (roughly 30mins).

Allow wax to solidly before re-lighting.

Please note that burn time is heavily dependent on the first light and the length of each burn. We recommend incremental burns of 30-45mins for best results. 

*Keep in mind that these candles are not jarred and therefore wax spillage is normal