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The Brook

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This bubble candle is a must have for your home! Guaranteed to add a fun vibe to any aesthetic!


2.5in x 2.5 in. Approx 5.5 oz 

Made to order. Please allow 3-5 business days for this candle to be made and shipped out.



Place on a fire resistant flat vessel to burn

Do not leave unattended.

Safety information

Place your bubble on a surface that can collect any melted wax. Saucers, Bowls, Ceramic/Glass trays work just fine!

Never leave a lit bubble unattended.

The first burn is the most important. This will dictate the burn time and quality of the burn thereafter. Blow out the flame once a 1.5inch melt pool forms (roughly 30mins).

Allow wax to solidly before re-lighting.

Please note that burn time is heavily dependent on the first light and the length of each burn. We recommend incremental burns of 30-45mins for best results. 

*Keep in mind that these candles are not jarred and therefore wax spillage is normal