Rayo Luxe is "fun-raising" with SproutFive™

Rayo Luxe is "fun-raising" with SproutFive™



This month, we have partnered with SproutFive™ Early Learning Center to ensure that they are able to provide families in need with daily essentials through their South Side pantry! Everything from diapers, wipes, and basic hygiene essentials are needed to ensure families within their reach are able to just live life!

At SproutFive™, they believe it takes more than just childcare and early learning. It takes a holistic approach. That is why this month, we will be donating 10% of all sales to this amazing project! 

At Rayo Luxe, we are committed to not only making great smelling candles, but also prioritizing those that are in need with what we have! To learn about the amazing work SproutFive™ is doing, visit their website at www.sproutfive.org. 

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