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Bargain Hunting: Apartment Style

One of the many joys of moving to a new place is decorating! Everyone knows this! 

However, it can become such an overwhelming task and costs, if not tracked can quickly add up. Suddenly, the activities that were supposed to give you joy can all of a sudden be driven down by anxiety - especially if you're all about living within a limited budget. 

My approach to this task has me picking up my bargain hunting boots and looking for great finds! Luckily, I have compiled a list of places where I have snagged the absolute best deals!


Couch and Coffee Table from Facebook Marketplace - $150 combined! 

Facebook Marketplace

This place is a gem! I snagged my coffee table for $50 and my couch for $100. The table was in excellent condition and so was my couch. While FB Marketplace is unfortunately ridden with a lot of scams, best practice is to buy "local". Meet up the seller in a safe place (preferably with company) and check out the item before you pay. If they claim to have a lot of offers on the item, ask to send a deposit (set the amount you're comfortable with) . That should buy you enough time to actually check out the item and determine if this something you'd like to purchase.


Aloe Vera plant from the Home Depot for $5 and this candle holder from Family dollar for $8!

The Home Depot (For Plants!)

I know, I know. The Home Depot sometimes get a bad wrap for plant care. From rotten roots to dying plants, it can be frustrating to get good quality plants. However, from time to time, they have some amazing plants at really great prices. Plants are so wholesome to care for and add a great vibe to any aesthetic - They also won't pee on your carpet! Lol.


Super Gorgeous Teal bowl I got from Family Dollar - Meal Excluded! :)

Family Dollar

Every time I go into Family Dollar for some candy, I always leave there with things that I didn't know I needed! Their kitchen and home aisle have some really great items - and of course, they are a bargain! From glassware to wall art to home accessories, The family dollar is legit a must go!

Overall, when it comes to decorating your space - creativity is the most important element. Yes, Pinterest can be your guide and Instagram also has it's place, but make sure you're building a place for YOU! Do you like to entertain? Does staring at pretty things make you happy? Maybe scents calm your anxiety? Put all these things into consideration as you're decorating - and no, they don't have to be super expensive!


Simple pleasures always win!

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